Sling Pilot Academy Formed To Meet Challenges of 21st Century Aviation Industry

Today’s news cycle is filled with stories about the need for properly trained pilots to meet an increasing demand that shows little signs of slowing — and every sign of not only greater demand, but a requirement for even greater skills from new pilots entering the industry.

A new flight training academy, based on an already successful flight school that has been serving the flight training community for the better part of a decade, has arisen to meet the increasingly difficult demands for training tomorrow’s aviation transportation professionals.

The Sling Pilot Academy, based in Torrance CA, is the brainchild of three aviation entrepreneurs, Wayne Todden, Jean d’Assonville, and Matt Liknaitzky, who have been working in a number of aviation disciplines for decades, and are more than well-acquainted with what will be required to be competitive and SAFE as the aviation industry continues to evolve in the coming years.

Equipped with all new Next-Generation Sling training aircraft, using the latest in modern powerplant and glass cockpit display technology, Sling Pilot Academy effectively wields the double-edged sword of combining proper expert preparation for tomorrow’s airline pilots, as well as providing cost-effective quality training.

Complete Professional Flight Training programs that may be undertaken in under 9 months, from first flight to course completion, are available now for under $63,000. And while the price of the program is less than many other such courses, the company leaves nothing out.

A student working the entire program completes the curriculum with more than a basic Commercial Pilot’s license with an Instrument rating, but is equipped to go right to work in today’s challenging aviation industry. They also leave SPA with a multi-engine rating as well as the three Primary Instructor ratings — Certified Flight Instructor/Airplane, CFI/Instrument-Airplane and CFI/Multi-Engine.

SPA’s new program is already training tomorrow’s airline pilots in picturesque Southern California.