Monterey Regional Airport Features the Work of Central Coast Art Association

Monterey Regional Airport (MRY) has announced a year-long partnership with Central Coast Art Association (CCAA).

The newly installed Mezzanine Gallery exhibit “Visualizing the many wonders of Monterey County through art” serves to draw attention to the beauty, enhancement, history and serenity of Monterey County for the over 500,000 annual passengers that use MRY.

Monterey Regional Airport staff collaborated with CCAA team to select a series of images that will attract and engage people who visit the airport, in the hopes of enticing them to visit these beautiful locations in Monterey County by conveniently flying into MRY and arriving moments away from any one of these remarkable destinations.

CCAA’s President, Lori Howell Thompson, said “Our exhibit will serve to educate visitors and the traveling public highlighting the rich art history of Monterey County. World travelers will be “spellbound” by the Monterey Region!”

Airport Executive Director, Mike La Pier, said “it’s partnerships like these that make Monterey Regional Airport proud to be part of a community who strives to promote and enhance the Arts locally, nationally and around the world.”

CCAA’s mission and purpose is to support and collaborate with the central coast as a vibrant arts community, by promoting appreciation of art, and providing opportunities for artists of all experience levels to develop their skills and exhibit their work.