Monterey Regional Airport Announces Grants Totaling $4.2 Million for Design and Construction of New Terminal Building

With a $2.14 million grant from the Department of Transportation received in late November, the Monterey Regional Airport now has $4.2 million toward the design and construction of a new airport terminal.

The funds are from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill for Federal Fiscal Year 2023, along with another $2.14 grant from the same piece of legislation from Fiscal Year 2022.

According to airport Executive Director Michael La Pier, the airport has selected its architect for the project, HOK Group Inc., a design, architecture, engineering, and urban planning firm, founded in 1955 and based in St. Louis, Missouri, and are in the process of negotiating the scope of work and cost of the project with HOK.

Design work will begin during first quarter of 2023 and will take about one year to complete. During the design phase, the airport will continue to work with the Federal Aviation Administration and DOT regarding funding for the design and construction of the new terminal building, said La Pier. The terminal building will be completely financed using grant funding and revenues from the airport. No property tax funding or general obligation bonds will be used, he said.