FAA Approves Temporary Special Use Airspace at Marine Corps Combat Center in August

Special Use Airspace Poster 11x17 2 (003)editThe Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved Temporary Special Use Airspace (SUA) in support of Large-Scale Exercise 17 (LSE-17) to take place at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC) Twentynine Palms, in August 2017.

The FAA approved the establishment of the Temporary SUA described in the proposal after the completion of regulatory processes for establishment and modification, which included an assessment of public comments, and published the Temporary SUA on June 22, 2017. The establishment of this Temporary SUA enables the Marine Corps to undertake required, large-scale, combined-arms and maneuver training during LSE-17.

This Temporary SUA temporarily creates, expands, or modifies existing Military Operations Areas (MOA) contiguous to the southwestern, southern and eastern boundaries of MCAGCC and establishes a Temporary Restricted Area over congressionally-established new training range lands in the Johnson Valley area. The Temporary SUA will be activated August 2017. Upon completion of LSE-17, the SUA will return to its previous designation and use in the National Airspace System (NAS). Any changes to the planned Temporary SUA would be published in an updated Notice to Airman (NOTAM) – FAA recommends all aviators to check the NOTAMs daily to be fully informed of any potential changes to the Temporary SUA; please search “ZLA” for current information.

2017TSUA Project Update Notice No 23 Final 170626

For current information on the airspace establishment project, and further details on the Temporary SUA in support of LSE-17, please visit http://www.29palms.marines.mil/Staff/G5-Government-and-External-Affairs/Airspace/ <http://www.29palms.marines.mil/Staff/G5-Government-and-External-Affairs/Airspace/