20 Acre Aircraft Flight Test Facility at Mojave Enters Federal Aerospace Market

Flight Research, Inc. has entered the federal aerospace marketplace with multiple mission awards this year, officials of the Mojave based company announced today.

The Flight Research, Inc. and the International Flight Test Institute operate a 924,000-square foot campus at the northeast corner of the Mojave Air and Space Port. With ideal accommodations for flight testing and ITAR certifications complete, Flight Research and the International Flight Test Institute have stepped into the prime and subprime federal marketplace for aerospace and weapons testing.

Over the last 35 years, the company has provided flight testing solutions for several aircraft design, certification and UAS projects. Flight Research is also designated by the FAA as the manufacturer of multiple aircraft assembled at the expansive facility.

“Flight Research made a strategic decision last year to begin exploring opportunities in the rapidly growing federal aerospace marketplace,” said Bill Korner CEO and Chairman of the Flight Research board.  “We felt that leveraging our historical experience in aerospace testing and manufacturing at a federal level would be natural and would further our mission of advancing safety, technology, and capability of the aerospace industry.”

Flight Research owns and operates more than 40 aircraft comprised of multiple fleets. Aircraft types range from supersonic trainers to single and twin turboprop aircraft as well as many helicopters which are all sought after resources in the aerospace sector. The company has designed a new website to showcase their fleet and vast range of capabilities.