Two Companies Extends Stay at Yuma Arizona Airport

Yuma International Airport officials have confirmed that two companies will be extending their presence at the airport.

Jacobs Technology recently extended their lease of the Pappy Boyington Hangar through September 2017. The Pappy Boyington Hangar was one of the first major investments at the Yuma Airport’s Defense Contractor Complex or “DCC” and is named for one of the most famous Marine Corps aviators of all time. Jacobs Technology and NASA’s team of scientists and engineers have used the Boyington Hangar as a vital resource to develop, build up and test elements for the NASA Orion program since 2009.

Additionally, Skylancer Aviation LLC has exercised their contract option to extend an additional year and to continue providing aircraft maintenance services at Yuma International Airport for local pilots and aircraft owners throughout the southwest through April 2017.

Skylancer Aviation is owned and operated by Larry Langerock. Larry has a modest inventory of aircraft, and began investigating and planning an expansion of it when he learned of the aviation community’s desire for a local aircraft maintenance provider. Skylancer Aviation decided to join the Yuma Airport family in April 2015 and give their best to meet the demands of our general aviation’s request for a local (on the airfield) maintenance provider.

Gladys Wiggins, Airport Director commented, “The DCC is a great fit and location to support contractors who are engaged in aviation and aerospace testing. It is increasingly common for the Airport to receive requests for operational support from a variety of Government, Defense and Commercial aviation contractors and industry leaders in aerospace development.”

The Orion program includes a space capsule designed to launch four astronauts into orbit and return them safely to Earth. The parachute systems used to return the capsule safely have been the concentrated focus of work performed and tested in Yuma. The agency has completed over twenty (20) tests for the Orion crew module’s parachutes at the Yuma Proving Ground and is working to achieve certification by late 2018. The Orion capsule will be capable of transporting and housing crews on the International Space Station, lunar and Mars missions. NASA is developing the capabilities needed to send humans to an asteroid by 2025 and Mars in the 2030s – goals outlined in the bipartisan NASA Authorization Act of 2010 and in the U.S. National Space Policy, also issued in 2010.

Skylancer Aviation is dedicated to providing professional and timely service to pilots based in Yuma and attracting other pilots throughout the region. Todd Obele, Skylancer Aviation, LLC’s business manager remarked, “We are proud to have hired a qualified team of certified A & P mechanics from the Yuma community. One of the challenges has been getting the word out there into the community to give our company a try, and to avoid flying your aircraft to other airports for servicing. Let us know how we can service your aircraft and meet your needs.”

Obele continued, “Over the last year, we’ve worked to increase our clientele and have goals to provide increased aviation maintenance capabilities across the board. We are also interested in hosting a variety of pilot training classes in the near future which will help fill a void allowing for a one-stop shop for our local pilots right here in Yuma. Skylancer is truly here for Yuma’s general aviation community.”

“We are excited about Skylancer’s decision to extend their lease for the additional year,” said Gladys Wiggins, Airport Director. “Their presence adds value for our homebased aircraft and local pilots as well as our seasonal users. The Airport would like to spread the word as best we can to give Skykancer the opportunity to service local aircraft needs whether it is a systems check or routine annual. For the two years I have been approached by many of our local pilots with the request to bring an aircraft maintenance FBO- their request has been filled now that Skylancer is here.”

Wiggins continued “We have a great relationship with the Jacobs and NASA team, and are proud of the work they are doing for the future of space exploration right here in Yuma. They are wonderful stewards to the Yuma community and have opened their doors to students and airport tours to show the advancement and importance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It is one of the highlights for any person who comes to our Airport, and the Airport appreciates as well as values the partnership.”