Thanks Dad!

by Andrew Stevens
I found my love for aviation when I was young because I was lucky enough to grow up around it.  I thank my Dad for sharing his love for flying and all of aviation, because now I share this love also.  One of the coolest things that I remember as a child was when my Dad would take me along on flights in small planes across Nebraska to different airports and events for the "fly in breakfast".  I always looked forward to those trips and would constantly pester my Dad by asking when we would have our next adventure flying in somewhere again to get my pancakes! It was a great joy getting to fly around with my Dad. I’m very thankful to have experienced that and look forward to doing it again someday!

These day’s we still go to the air shows as much as possible, just not by flying.  I’m sure we’ll get back to that someday soon though.  For now we enjoy road trips to the air shows, which includes 30 hour drives from Arizona to Wisconsin for the Oshkosh AirVenture. This has been an annual event for us the past 4 years and I always enjoy the great quality time that I get to spend with my Dad.  It’s changed a little bit from when I was young though.  Now instead of flying in for great pancakes, we drive in for AirVenture and some great "Spotted Cow" beer!  Which is one of the many things me and my dad make sure to do while we are up there.

As much fun as it was to fly to these events, its just as fun to drive there with my Dad and to look at all the planes together.  But overall the best part of these adventures is the wonderful time I get to spend with him.

Thank you Dad for everything you’ve done for me and allowed me to experience over the years! Happy Father’s Day!

Love you Dad!

The Publisher’s Son