Skydive Arizona Hosts USPA Nationals in Eloy

The 2011 U.S. National Skydiving Championships are taking place now at Skydive Arizona in Eloy. America’s top skydivers are competing for medals and the chance to represent the U.S. at prestigious international competitions around the world. Nationals isn’t just for hard-core competitors—everyday jumpers have come together to share their unique camaraderie, rub elbows with the best, learn and push their limits to achieve more than they thought possible.

On Tuesday, November 1, the State Aviation Journal stopped by to observe and visit with USPA Executive Director Ed Scott (Shown at top right).  It was another full, fun day of competition. The day began with the final three rounds of 4-way formation skydiving, as well as the start of the canopy formation 4-way rotations event. In the open class, Arizona Airspeed held onto its solid lead to claim the gold.

The 8-way formation skydiving event also got started, completing two rounds. Weather permitting, events will continue throughout the week culminating in an awards banquet Saturday night.

Scott, a friend of state aviation, was a former Chairman of the National Association of State Aviation Officials.  

Skydive Arizona, one of the premier drop zones in the world, is owned by Larry and Liliane Hill. (Hill shown at bottom right) Operations started on a gravel airstrip north of Phoenix with a single Cessna 182 in January of 1978. As their operation grew, it became apparent they would need more space, and in 1986 they moved to Coolidge, Arizona to start Skydive Arizona™ with one of the largest fleets available. (Photos by Kim Stevens)