Scottsdale Airport and Airpark Under Construction

An adage goes, “If there isn’t construction happening on an airport, then something is not right.”

True to the saying, Scottsdale Airport in Scottsdale, AZ, is adding footing as one of the top business aviation facilities in the nation with a groundswell of construction projects boasting direct construction costs of more than $92 million. City projects amounted to $37 million of this portion, with private entities and business partners contributing $55 million for on-airport and Airpark developments.

Since 2017, there has been notable aviation-related construction projects at Scottsdale Airport and within the surrounding Airpark. Eight impressive construction projects are either completed, in process or proposed for 2021. These projects center around redevelopment of aged properties or development of vacant parcels to introduce more hangar space and modernize office space projects.

“This is the most construction activity I have seen at the airport and Airpark, since 2000 and 2001,” said Scottsdale Aviation Director Gary P. Mascaro.

Construction has a significant impact on the economy. It creates jobs and income for the city, region and state. Additionally, for Scottsdale Airport, these construction projects offer well maintained infrastructure and amenities that attract businesses, tenants and visitors.

The investment into Scottsdale Airport will continue with a planned Runway Rehabilitation Project slated for next summer. This will be the largest grant-funded project for the airport with a tab of $12 million. This project will not expand or enlarge the runway, but solely rehabilitate the existing runway to prime condition.