New ADO Manager Introduced at Arizona Airports Conference

David Cushing, recently selected as the Los Angeles Airports District Office (ADO) Manager, was introduced to Arizona airport managers at the 2011 annual "Walter Burg" Fall conference organized each year by the Arizona Airports Association (AzAA).  (Cushing shown with Debbie Roth. Photo by Kim Stevens)

Although there is talk of the FAA Western Pacific Region creating an ADO in either Nevada or Arizona, for the time being Cushing will be responsible for airport issues in the State. Cushing, who has worked in the Airport Compliance Division in the FAA’s Office of Airports in the Washington Headquarters, joined Debbie Roth, Deputy Manager, Airports Division for the FAA Western Pacific Region in Los Angeles and Brian Armstrong, Manager, Airport Safety, Standards & Compliance Branch, for the FAA, in a session to update conference attendees on what’s happening within the FAA "Post Furlough."

Cushing, in his former capacity, guided FAA regional offices, airport sponsors, Congress, the press, interest groups and the public on all issues of airport sponsor compliance with grant assurances and Federal law.  He has investigated dozens of formal complaints and drafted final agency decision documents.  Cushing has developed policy in compliance, specifically policy in the areas of application for release, disposition of airport property, requirements of airport land-use and allowances for airport marketing and promotion. 



Prior to joining the FAA in Compliance, Cushing worked for the Division of Aviation for the State of Kansas as an aviation projects planner.  There, he worked on the state’s systems planning, airport inspection and legislative relations.

Cushing received a Master’s degree in public affairs from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a Bachelor of Arts degree at Rice University in Houston, Texas.  His official start date will be November 28.