Million Air Yuma Tops Previous Year Record with 3 Million Gallons Aviation Fuel Sold

Yuma International Airport’s Fixed Based Operator (FBO), Million Air, announced they’ve sold over 3 million gallons of aviation fuel in 2015, surpassing their previous record of 2.9 million gallons in 2011. On top of that, Million Air has become an Ascent branded fuel supplier and have taken delivery of four new 10,000 gallon fuel trucks as of late March.

The new, more efficient fuel trucks will replace smaller trucks, and will be used to support the increasing amount of commercial and general aviation aircraft working in Yuma, Arizona. Million Air is famous the world over for featuring luxurious facilities and exceptional service for pilots. The Airport Authority included Million Air as a major factor when developing their long term strategy that concentrates on growing the airport as an economic engine for the Yuma community. “Aerospace and Defense Contractors need to be able to count on quality service and on time delivery, any time they operate at a location away from home,” explained Gladys Wiggins, Airport Director. “Million Air provides that assurance and does a superb job coordinating with these customers to meet the demands whether it is time or equipment.”

The Freeman Holdings Group opened Million Air Yuma in April 2010 and are the largest licensee in the Million Air network, with a total of twelve FBO’s across the nation. Million Air immediately invested in the beautiful new public terminal for pilots and began working to increase awareness about Yuma’s capabilities to support the aviation and aerospace industry. As a result, there is a growing number of customers, both first time and repeat users. The client list includes Boeing, Gulfstream, Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, Honda Jet and dozens of military and civilian organizations from around the world.

“We pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled customer service to our guests in hopes that they will visit us again. When our guests leave us, they leave with only a memory. We hope that the memory they leave with is one that encourages them to do business with us again. ,” said CEO Scott Freeman. The Million Air standard is to provide the same outstanding customer service to every single pilot; whether they fly a supersonic F-18 Navy jet fighter or a single engine Cessna.

“Our name brings them in the front door,” said James Combs, the local general manager for Million Air. “But our goal is that the Million Air service brings them back; over and over. Our job goes far beyond fueling the aircraft, however,” says Combs. “that’s just where we start. Our job is not finished until the pilot is taxiing away and we know we took great care of them with our full service capabilities. Whether it was an empty tank, an empty coffee cup or an empty stomach, we make sure they leave satisfied.”

Ron Rice, Airport Board President shared, “The Airport Authority commends Million Air’s continued success as the clients they attract have a profound and positive financial impact on the Yuma community through their use of professional services, hotels and restaurants in support of their mission. The airport has worked for many years to create a business friendly environment that adds value and helps stimulate the economy beyond the airport or airfield.”