Arizona Businessman Elected Chair for Flight School Association of North America

Tucson, Arizona business leader, Jim White (Shown at right), Manager of Double Eagle Aviation, has recently been elected Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Flight School Association of North America (FSANA) at the group’s annual meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada.  

The goal of FSANA is to help flight schools improve their business models, deliver a high level of customer service on a consistent basis, and promote the best flying practices within the flight industry.  There are more than 100 aviation schools within the FSANA.
White said that to be a part of an association that has brought forward an accreditation program for flight schools, the Teen Aero Camp program, and many new projects in the near future is remarkable.  "However, to be able to lead that group is an honor for me."  White said that in his wildest dreams he had never considered something like this. "This has given me the opportunity to meet some absolutely fantastic people.” 
FSANA is the first trade association for the flight school industry and according to White they all share a vision in making their business even better than it is today. White said they offer guidance in a best practices approach to owning and operating a successful school.  "I see this as an opportunity for owners and operators of flight schools to sit down with one another and share ideas,” he added.

Bob Rockmaker, founder and CEO of FSANA, said White’s ascension to the chairmanship comes at a time as the trade association is just completing its 3rd year. "Jim brings business experience and a patient process with his leadership skills which are especially important during the start up phase of any business," said Rockmaker.  "Jim’s passion for the aviation industry is self-evident whenever you have a conversation with him.” 
FSANA, according to Rockmaker, is expected to become a driving mechanism to increase the pilot population in North America.  They want to expose general aviation to the public and demystify what the publics’ perception is regarding learning to fly, how challenging it is to fly, and the fact you don’t need to buy an airplane after you get your flying certificate. 
Double Eagle Aviation provides all levels of flight instruction from Private Pilot, to the Airline Transport Pilot certification (ATP). The flight school is recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration as a Part 61 operation. This certification both requires and ensures the highest level of professionalism. Double Eagle Aviation is a fully entitled Part 61 flight school. You can  review their website at: