American Airlines offers Mobile Boarding and Larger Planes in Yuma, AZ

American Airlines has moved forward and completed the testing of a mobile boarding system at Yuma International Airport. Since the successful completion of the pilot program, American Airlines has determined to continue the program, allowing passengers who fly in and out of Yuma to use the electronic boarding pass application on their mobile phone. Passengers interested in this option can download the American Airlines Mobile Boarding Pass/AA Mobile application which is free of charge.

“The airport is excited about this technological progression that will enhance passenger’s experience as they travel to and from Yuma.” Airport Director, Gladys Wiggins shared. “The airport observes more passengers using mobile devices in lieu of the traditional paper boarding passes as they travel because of its ease. It is nice to offer that capability here in Yuma. Passengers without mobile phones can print their boarding passes 24 hours prior to their flight from the kiosks located at the ticket counter within the terminal.”

Passengers have expressed interest in larger aircraft accommodating more passengers for quite some time. American Airlines provided information to Airport Officials that beginning November 30, 2016, it will replace the majority of CRJ200 (50 seat aircraft) serving Yuma International Airport with the CRJ700 (70 seat aircraft). The CRJ700 includes six (6) first-class seats and sixty four (64) seats within the main cabin. The transition from the smaller aircraft (50 seats or less) to a more efficient aircraft such as the CRJ700, CRJ900 and the latest regional jets from Embraer will occur at the majority of regional commercial airports throughout the nation.

American Airlines has adjusted Yuma International Airport’s flight schedule to accommodate four departure flights and four arrival flights each day. Although the number of departures and arrivals may have decreased, the amount of total available seats for air commuters will be about the same. Flight times are available on the airport’s website,, click on Today’s Flights, as well as on the American Airlines website, for future flight reservations.

Wiggins shared, “In regards to the sizing of the aircraft, there has been indications of the increased aircraft size over the past couple of years. Although there will be one less arriving/departing flight per day, the new, spacious CRJ700 aircraft serving Yuma will accommodate the same amount of passengers as before, and additionally for the first time, passengers can enjoy first-class seating. Many think flying first class for a 30 minute flight may be silly while others feel it is nice to have the option. It can be a win-win for all. The airport appreciates the community’s continued support to Fly Yuma!

Keeping the number of local commuters using the local regional airport for air travel is essential as the airport staff continues to seek additional routes and air carriers. The airport needs Yuma to use their local airport and not begin their travels in Phoenix, Mesa or San Diego. The airport depends on the community’s use to help attract, grow and retain the business.”