ADOT Dismisses Top Aeronautics Management

(November 6, 2009) – The Arizona Department of Transportation recently dismissed their top two aviation employees.  Barclay Dick (pictured left), Aeronautics Group Director and Kim Stevens, Deputy, were told that their services were no longer needed Thursday afternoon November 5th.

ADOT, in an official statement, said the "Aviation Fund, like other state transportation funds, is facing declining revenues and fund sweeps that requires changes to streamline our operations."

Back in July, what was then the Aeronautics Division, was reorganized and placed under Multi-Modal Planning. As part of that reorganization the Aircraft Registration section was placed under the Motor Vehicle Division and responsibility for the Grand Canyon National Park Airport was placed under ADOT Facilities.

The same statement said that  "ADOT will continue to encourage and support the safe and orderly development of aviation as part of a multimodal transportation system in Arizona.  The integration of aviation planning, airport development and grant administration into ADOT’s Multimodal Planning Division enables the Department to create a more integrated multimodal system that considers land use, economic development, transportation and the environment. As we move forward to develop the state’s long-range transportation plan, aviation will be part of the solution.  The team will use its experiences and relationships with partners to plan and develop an aviation system and related facilities that are part of a broader multimodal transportation system." 

    Mike Klein, (left) Aviation Grants Administrator and an Accredited Airport Executive with more than 30 years of aviation experience will oversee the Aeronautics team.