Northern Pacific Airways’ B757-200 Spreads Its Wings.

On January 18, 2022, Northern Pacific Airways introduced the new livery design on the first aircraft to guests attending the unveiling event in San Bernardino, California, at the Certified Aviation Services LLC (CAS.) hangar. Certified Aviation Services LLC is the MRO responsible for carrying out the painting of the livery.

The innovative design is thoughtfully curated to reflect the natural beauty of the Alaskan wilderness. Dramatic black hues and soft gray tones symbolize the state’s mountainous terrain, ice, and snow. The livery’s design includes the “N” letterform that sits behind the Northern Pacific logotype. The windshield features a bold, black masking treatment that adds distinctive charm. The aircraft’s winglets pop with a burst of sharp turquoise, accompanying the neutrals to represent the breathtaking Northern Lights. Completing the overall impression, the tail hosts a vibrant and elegant line motif that twists with an organic flair, juxtaposed with the eye-catching jet-black tail.

“The livery design carefully captures the Northern Pacific brand and our affection for our Alaskan home,” explains Rob McKinney, CEO of Northern Pacific Airways. “The design echoes our airline’s values—elevated customer service, an esteemed point of view, and an innovative route strategy designed to connect passengers from east to west.”

The aircraft painted is a Boeing 757-200. The first in Northern Pacific Airways’ fleet will be accompanied by the same aircraft types. For more information, please visit