Mahindra Delivers Airvan 8 in Alaska

Grant Aviation Deliveryedit.jpg GippsAero Pty Ltd., the aircraft-manufacturing arm of Mahindra Aerospace, has delivered a second of its Airvan 8 aircraft to the fleet of Grant Aviation in Alaska. The Airvan 8 is one of the most versatile of GippsAero’s aircraft. Specifically engineered to meet the latest in international safety standards, it is perfectly suited for the often harsh conditions in Alaska where general aviation plays such a pivotal role in overall transportation. Not only is it a high-performance aircraft with low operation costs, low emissions and low noise, it has short take-off and landing capabilities – ideal for places with semi-prepared runways.

Grant Aviation services over 100 communities throughout Alaska. Since its creation in 1971, Grant has been focused on providing safe, easy and comfortable travels to its many customers. As active members of the AACA (Alaska Air Carriers Association) Medallion Foundation, Grant Aviation has received several AACA Accident Free awards.

(Photo Information, L to R: Don Hatton, Airvan Alaska, George Morgan, Founder of GippsAero; Bruce McGlasson, President and CEO Grant Aviation, Arvind Mehra, Executive Director and Global CEO of Mahindra Aerospace, Keith Douglas, CEO, GippsAero.)

“We are proud that Grant Aviation would choose our Airvan 8 for their fleet,” said Keith Douglas, CEO GippsAero. “When a company this well respected for customer service and, most importantly, safety, chooses our aircraft, we know we’re doing it right. Our team on the ground is in place and ready to do our part to support them in every way we can – parts, tech, customer service – and live up to their already excellent reputation.”

This aircraft, along with their first Airvan 8 delivered in January 2014, were sold through Airvan Alaska in Anchorage.