Salina Airport Executive Director Donates Honorarium to Wings Over Salina Air Museum

When Salina Airport Authority Executive Director Tim Rogers, A.A.E. earned the American Association of Airport Executives prestigious Distinguished Service Award, it was easy for him to decide where the $5000 honorarium that came with it would end up.

The Wings Over Salina Air Museum is in the initial fund raising stage and Rogers’ $5000 check will be the largest individual donation to the fund housed at the Greater Salina Community Foundation.
"Tim’s generous gift will jump start the fund to build this terrific museum," said GSCF President and Executive Director Betsy Wearing.  "His decision to use the honorarium to benefit our community is a great example of the reason Salina is a great place to live.  People like Tim put the community first."
The Wings Over Salina Air Museum is still in the design phase and is several years away from construction.  The museum will be dedicated to the past, present and future of Salina area aviation.  From the first time an aircraft graced the Salina skies to the opening of Smoky Hill Army Airfield to the closing of Schilling Air Force Base to the current unmanned aircraft milestones being reached by K-State Salina, it will speak to every generation.

"This will not be your typical air museum with airplanes in an open hangar with display aircraft," Rogers explained.  "We plan to take a more intimate look at the people who have shaped the history of civil and military aviation in Salina and Saline County."
"The Foundation is pleased to provide a platform for donations to build the Wings Over Salina Museum," Wearing said.  "This is going to be a beautiful attraction and another place to chronicle the rich history of our community."
If you’d like to donate to the Wings Over Salina Air Museum you can do so online through the GSCF website at  For more information about the project at large email the Salina Airport Authority at