SAJ to Publish Arizona Journal and International Skybriefs

The Publisher of the State Aviation Journal has announced the intent to expand the company’s services with the addition of the Arizona Aviation Journal and Skybriefs International. The new additions will follow the same format as the existing weekly Skybriefs and the e-magazine which is published every other month. "We’re still working out the details as to whether the Arizona Aviation Journal will be monthly or not," said Kim Stevens, Publisher. That decision will rest on the amount of advertising the publication can secure and the ability to ramp up with appropriate staff.   

Skybriefs International is scheduled to start this month with the Arizona Aviation Journal set to kick off sometime after the first of the year. "We’ve had an extaordinary year," said Stevens. "It’s exciting to think what the future might hold.  None of this," continued Stevens "would be possible if not for the incredible businessmen and women that have supported our efforts through advertising."