Rolling Thunder Promises to Exhilarate and Entertain

From out of the tragedy of war and personal experience comes a sometimes sad, yet exhilarating tale of a Marine pilot flying out of a forward airstrip in Vietnam. This fast, action-pact story blends heroics in the air, as pilots perform difficult and dangerous tactical maneuvers, with that of emotional g-forces that are thrown at them daily in their personal lives.

Author L. Erik Fleming uses his research along with his experience as a flight instructor and air traffic controller to tell the story of Marine Captain Valentine Jordan as he flies CAP and CAS missions in the F-4J Phantom II. Rolling Thunder is an entertaining read as you share in the intense life of Captain Jordan as he, not only comes face to face with renowned MiG pilots from North Vietnam and the former Soviet Union, but comes face to face with a beautiful Vietnamese woman. Amid terrible fighting arises an intense love story, giving the reader a rare glimpse into Vietnamese perspective and culture during the war.

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