Piper Aircraft, Inc. Announces First Scandinavian Diesel Archer to Danish Flight School

Piper first Denmarkedit.jpg Piper Aircraft, Inc. has announced the first sale of a factory new diesel engine Archer DX into Scandinavia. Billund Air Center (BAC), a leading flight school in Denmark, took possession of the aircraft last week.

“The Archer DX’s technology and excellent fuel economy is absolutely perfect for flying schools,” said Bjarne Jorsal, owner and operator of European Aircraft Sales. “They need low operation costs, and the diesel engine helps lower operating costs, making flying cheaper. In addition, the Archer DX has a Garmin 1000 all-glass cockpit, which is imperative when training instrument flying with future pilots.”

The owners at Billund Air Center accepted their new plane with gratitude and enthusiasm. Avid Piper adherents, BAC expressed appreciation for the aircraft’s reliability and serviceability, boasting pilots trained solely in Piper aircraft for the last twenty-five years. The school has plans to acquire more aircraft of the same kind.

“We love the diesel Archer and look forward to really getting it operational,” said Jørn Askholm, owner of Billund Air Center. “Both students and instructors are so looking forward to fly it. Generally speaking, it is a modern aircraft.”

“We are very pleased that this first DX in Scandinavia will be flying at a flight school,” Jorsal continued. “A lot of people will be able to enjoy it and gain insight into its performance, technology, and economy.”