Pan Am International Flight Academy Announces New Chief of Flight Standards

steve clements.jpg Pan Am International Flight Academy and parent company ANA Holdings (collectively “Pan Am”) have announced a key addition to their training operations and quality assurance team. Steven Clements has been named Chief of Flight Standards effective immediately.

Clements has been in the aviation industry for over 38 years with an extensive degree of experience including: Vice President of Flight Operations at Cayman Airways; a Founding Director of Virgin America; Director of training and fleet manager at AirTran Airways; and Director of Fleet Management, Chief Pilot, Director of Operations, and Captain in the B747-400 with National Airlines.

“We’re pleased to welcome Steve into the Pan Am ranks,” states Gary Anderson, Pan Am International Flight Academy’s Chief Operations Officer. “He is a highly qualified leader and Operations Manager and we look forward to his direction and management contributions.”

Mr. Clements will provide managerial oversight of training activities at all Pan Am training facilities including; program and instructor standardization, training delivery, training documentation, and validity of courseware, and ensure regulatory compliance. He is also responsible for the timely and accurate performance of the Student and Instructor Records Departments, as well as the TSA/SEVIS Departments. He will serve at the world headquarters in Miami.