Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission Partners with Unmanned Systems Alliance for Summit

The Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission and USA-OK are sponsoring an evening dinner and presentation that addresses legal and public policy issues regarding Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). The dinner event will be on the evening of August 8th, 2016 (a day before the main 2016 USA-OK Summit at the National Weather Center in Norman, Oklahoma on August 9th, 2016).

The purpose of the 2016 USA-OK Summit is to recognize Oklahoma’s unmanned and aerospace industry and support Governor Mary Fallin’s efforts toward the development of Oklahoma’s strengths and resources as a prime location for advancement, testing, and flight of UAS.

The evening event is a unique opportunity for industry officials, businesses, hobbyists, and educators to come together in one unified voice and meet with state legislators and other elected officials to discuss federal and state laws regarding the use of drones for business and recreation. A panel of distinguished experts will discuss timely and important legal, public policy and constitutional issues associated with emerging UAS regulations and rules and the safe integration of UAS into the national airspace. Oklahoma’s has a strong aviation heritage and it is a natural progression for the state, and specifically the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission, to lead in policy development in state UAS use.