North Carolina Aviation Director Promoted to Deputy Secretary for Transit

By Kim J. Stevens 
As an organization focused on continuous improvement, the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) has made some adjustments to the organization in an effort to support and achieve the Governor’s vision of a Transportation Department that is efficient, focused on customer service and able to leverage infrastructure to create jobs.
As a result of those adjustments and seeking the best talent and valuing diversity in the workforce, NCDOT has promoted several personnel from within the organization including Richard Walls, Division of Aviation Director, who has been promoted to Deputy Secretary for Transit. 
While excited about his new position in Transit, Walls said that he is grateful that he will still get to oversee the Division of Aviation.  "Aviation has been everything to me," said Walls. "I have been blessed to work with some of the finest aviation people in the private and public sector.  Like many aviation enthusiasts, Walls said that once you are exposed to aviation, it kind of gets into your DNA and it’s hard to leave it.  

"The Team here at the NCDOT – Division of Aviation is extraordinary and any success I may have is due to the Team’s dedication and passion for aviation.  I am grateful to have been a part of their team.
A spokesperson for NCDOT said the Division of Aviation manager’s position will be filled, but at present, there is no timeline to do so. 
NCDOT is conducting a significant review of all facets of the organization and already has recommended the elimination of 10 vacant positions to assist in its efficiency efforts. The new organizational structure also eliminates the Deputy Secretary for Business Administration and uses that position to establish the Chief Deputy for Support. One of the key duties of the incoming Chief Deputy for Support will be to lead the development of the 25-year infrastructure plan.