Warrior Aviation Creating Affinity Partnerships To Assist Veterans

Warrior Aviation,  a non-profit organization dedicated to creating career opportunities for returning veterans, is offering companies the unique opportunity to become Affinity Partners.

Specifically, they  seek those firms excited about the prospect of implementing various programs to help the veterans further their careers and dreams.  These programs provide training, mentoring, career placement and recruiting. 

While returning veterans are often honored initially, their unemployment rate continues to run higher than that of other sectors.   Brigadier General Jeffery Johnson of the 113th Wing of the Air National Guard notes, “ Some of the military branches do have programs to place (veterans) into support jobs.  However, these are not long term careers.  They need mentoring support, training, job placement…and they need help returning to mainstream society.”
Warrior Aviation, based in Frederick, MD, assists veterans recruited for its training programs, providing them with the motivation to train for a new career.
Affinity Partner inquiries and all other questions or comments should be directed to the contact person noted above.
Further Information can be found online at  www.warrioraviation.org