PilotMall.com, Inc. Releases New Flight Planning App

PilotMall.com, Inc., a leading online aviation retailer today announced the release of its Flight Computer iTunes app. The Flight Computer, designed to make flight planning both easy and convenient for any aviation enthusiast, will sell for $6.99 on Apple’s iTunes store. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flight-computer-by-pilotmall/id403509882?mt=8

This proprietary flight planning application, presents pilots with a user-friendly interface and a set of four buttons. Pilots can use Flight Computer as a simple timer or calculator and can easily convert between Nautical, Statute and Metric measurements from length to weight to speed and more. The real functionality offered by Flight Computer comes from the most prominent button, "Flight Computer Functions," providing data that can easily supplement any airplane’s instrumentation.

Pilots may use the Flight Computer to preflight on the ground, or in the air to perform a variety of flight computer functions. All the user has to do is input basic planning information, and they will gain access to information about Heading, Ground Speed, Planned Legs, Actual Legs, Altitude, Airspeed, Weight & Balance, Fuel and more.

Information that could take hours to calculate now takes minutes with Flight Computer. With Flight Computer, pilots are able to get relevant information with a flick of a finger, and are able to tweak it for instant results if they plan on changing their heading, or if the wind direction changes. Simplicity and ease are the ultimate aims of Flight Computer, with an "only the facts" approach to flight planning. The program provides the relevant numbers at the touch of a button.

"We designed this application because we wanted to fill a void in the marketplace," shares PilotMall.com President, Neil Glazer. "We feel this product should be an integral part of any pilot’s flight planning."

PilotMall, Inc.’s Flight Computer Application is one of 13 aviation applications available from the company. For professional writers looking to post a review, a copy of Flight Computer App may be downloaded for free. Simply contact PilotMall, Inc. by email for a code that can be used to download the program from the iTunes web site.

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