Lightspeed Aviation Treasure Hunt Winner Named

Chritopher B.jpg Christopher Burgermeister of Yorkville, Illinois, has been named the winner of the Lightspeed Aviation Treasure Hunt at AirVenture 2014 in Oshkosh. Chris was randomly drawn from a field of 50 treasure hunters who found hidden treasure chests spread across the AirVenture grounds. Chris will receive Lightspeed’s newest innovation: the Zulu PFX ANR headset.

Chris is an accomplished pilot, with CFII and Commercial Pilot Single and Multi-Engine Land certificates. An instructor at Lewis University, Chris fell in love with flying following a Young Eagles flight. With the support of his grandfather, an F-86 Sabre Jet pilot in the Korean war and later a flight instructor for the Air Force, Chris followed his dream, taking flying lessons in high school and progressing on to his current position with Lewis. His next goal is to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and master jets.

“As a Young Eagles sponsor, we find it gratifying that it was a Young Eagles flight that led Chris to pursue a career in aviation,” said Teresa De Mers, Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing, & Customer Support at Lightspeed. “And it is heartwarming that Chris is adding to the his family’s aviation heritage by following the example set by his grandfather.”

First introduced at Sun ‘n Fun last April, the Lightspeed Aviation Treasure Hunt follows a geocaching model, with searchers relying on GPS coordinates and clues to find hidden objects. Those lucky enough to find one of Lightspeed’s treasure chests were entered into a drawing for a new headset.

“The Treasure Hunt at Oshkosh was a huge success,” said De Mers. “The many comments we received made it clear that it not only added to the fun of AirVenture, it led attendees to explore parts of the event and EAA grounds they wouldn’t have otherwise.”