Honeywell Celebrates 100 Years in Aviation

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With a century of aerospace achievements behind us, Honeywell Aerospace and its legacy companies—Sperry, Bendix, Garrett AiResearch, Pioneer, Lycoming, Grimes, King, AlliedSignal, EMS Technologies and others —have been at the forefront of both military and civilian aviation advancement. We are proud to share a lineage with many of the great names in aviation history.

We strive to enhance customer value by making flight safer, more reliable, more comfortable and more cost-effective. Our vision is to transform the world with superior technology, customer service, quality and – above all – innovation.

Honeywell Aerospace celebrates our past accomplishments and looks forward to continuing to push the envelope of aerospace innovation by delivering responsive, high performance technology that meets the current and future needs of our customers. Here are a few of the significant milestones achieved by Honeywell and its legacy companies.

Here is a timeline capturing the evolution of our aerospace technology solutions through the years.

While we are celebrating our heritage, the best is yet to come. Carl Esposito, vice president of marketing and product management at Honeywell, discussed the future of aerospace technology during a recent interview with Avionics Magazine.

“The next 10-25 years is going to be incredible, it’s really a remarkable time to be in the industry,” said Esposito .Read the Interview