GippsAERO forms global support network

GippsAERO, the Australian manufacturing arm of Mahindra Aerospace and manufacturer of the GA8 Airvan utility aircraft, today announced the formation of its global spare parts and technical support network, and the appointment of three new spare parts and technical support distributors to join recently appointed Soloy Aviation Solutions for the USA market.

These new partnerships bring access to Airvan knowledge and expertise in support of the company’s global spare parts and support strategy.

Focusing on the Asian region, Hawker Pacific has been appointed, and will exclusively support GippsAERO’s existing and new clients across Asian countries. Established in Australia in 1978, Hawker Pacific is a leader in aviation sales and product support, both civil and military. With 15 locations across Asia Pacific and the Middle East, the company has a long history of successful general aviation and defence sales and customer support in this geography.

Our European support partner, Piper Parts GmbH, has been appointed to support all countries throughout the continent. Global Aviation + Piper Parts has three locations in Europe and over 40 collective years of experience in parts and technical support, and has earned a reputation for quality in Europe.

For the African market, Airvan Africa has been appointed as the experienced Aviation partner for parts distribution and technical support throughout all of Africa. Airvan Africa is situated in Port Alfred in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, and is also the exclusive aircraft dealer for GippsAero in South Africa.

Terry Miles, CEO of GippsAERO, said “We are proud to announce these new partnerships which provide ‘follow the sun’ access for customers seeking spare parts and technical support. Our momentum as a global company is growing rapidly, and we’re partnering with some of the strongest aviation companies in the world to guarantee that the service for our clients is unparalleled.”

Arvind Mehra, Executive Director & CEO, Mahindra Aerospace Pvt. Ltd., said, “The appointment of Hawker Pacific, Global Aviation + Piper Parts and Airvan Africa is not only a testament to our commitment to become a global entity, but also to our commitment to become a leader in customer service for our owners and operators. These strategic partnerships will ensure our success in supporting our products throughout the world.”

For owners and operators in the Oceania region, GippsAERO offers factory-direct support and parts distribution.

GippsAERO’s leading product, the GA8 Airvan, is a single-engine, piston powered aircraft, available in both normally-aspirated and turbocharged versions. With outstanding performance and a spacious cabin, the aircraft is in operation across a broad range of demanding missions, including passenger transport, freight transportation, special missions/ law enforcement, humanitarian aid, search & rescue, ambulance/ medivac. Certified to U.S. FAR23 Amendment 54/55, the Airvan is designed and built to the highest standard of structural integrity and flight handling characteristics.  The Airvan boasts a low noise footprint and low carbon emissions while being versatile, rugged, safe and economical.