First Piper M500 Sold Into Europe

Piper Aircraft has confirmed the first sale of the Meridian M500 into Europe to OK Aviation Group.

“The M500 is a unique aircraft,” said Simon Caldecott, President and CEO at Piper Aircraft. “We cannot emphasize enough the value, performance, and safety that defines this plane. We continue to increase our international presence by providing a compelling product line that is economically and operationally advantageous to aviators around the world. We are grateful to work with OK Aviation Group for this initial European sale of the M500.”

After increased public speculation and great anticipation, Piper announced their new M500 product first quarter of this year. With the latest advancements in Garmin avionics for increased flight safety, as well as additional functionality improvements, the M500 is characterized by multiple performance enhancements not typical of this class of turbine aircraft. Piper has received increased positive acclaim for improving upon the company’s existing exceptional flagship aircraft, the Meridian.
“We have witnessed great enthusiasm and increased interest in the M-Class series upon the announcement of the M500,” said Drew McEwen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Piper Aircraft. “We are pleased to deliver into the European market, and anticipate additional requests for this aircraft.”