FAA Announces New Online Course on Taxi Procedures

Two Major procedural changes are incorporated in the current revision to this course. The changes affect Taxi and Ground Movement Operations – Now requiring an ATC clearance prior to crossing ANY runway – Active, Inactive or Closed.
In addition, the course addresses the change concerning harmonization between the FAA and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). You will learn about the language change from “taxi into position and hold (TIPH)” to “line up and wait (LUAW)”.

Our Objectives in this online course are to review and consider:
·    Best Practices during taxi operations,
·    Air Traffic Control Procedures and Phraseology,
·    Pilot  responsibilities,
·    Awareness of airport markings and Pilot responsibilities re: Precision Obstacle Free Zone,
·    Part 91 and Part 135 Single-Pilot Procedures during taxi operations,
·    Use of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) during taxi operations, and
·    Best Practices for avoidance of runway incursions.
We invite you to go to www.FAASafety.gov and enroll in this informative course. It is titled, "Line Up and Wait – LUAW" and is one of our featured courses shown on our Home page.