Embraer and Compass Airlines Extend Pool Program for New E-Jets

175.jpg Embraer and Compass Airlines recently extended their ten year Flight Hour Pool Program agreement for the Compass E-Jet fleet. The Flight Hour Pool Program currently serves 42 aircraft for Compass and will include Pool component support for the carrier’s fleet of 20 new E175 jets to be operated for American Airlines under the American Eagle brand. The Flight Hour Pool Program agreement covers over 400 repairable part numbers and includes common and extended Pool components with on-site stock for Compass’s E170 and E175 fleet.

“We are extremely proud that Compass Airlines has trusted Embraer as the provider to support its additional fleet of E175s,” said John Linn, Vice President, Customer Support & Services North America – Embraer Commercial Aviation. “The Pool Program allows Compass to focus on operating the aircraft at high levels of reliability and availability, while letting Embraer manage the supply-chain for high-cost rotable components.”

“We are pleased to extend our highly successful and long-standing Flight Hour Pool Program with Embraer to include 20 new additions to our fleet,” said Brian Randow, Chief Operating Officer at Compass Airlines. “By managing our inventory levels and parts forecasting, the Pool Program has allowed us to streamline our Maintenance operation and reduce costs, and we look forward to the continuation of those benefits as we move forward with the expansion of this program.”

Embraer’s Flight Hour Pool Program, which currently supports more than 30 airlines worldwide, is designed to allow airlines to minimize their upfront investment on expensive repairable inventories and resources and to take advantage of Embraer’s technical expertise and its vast component repair service provider network. The results are significant savings on repair and inventory carrying costs, reduction in required warehousing space, and the virtual elimination of the need for resources required for repair management, while ultimately providing guaranteed performance levels.