Orleans, MA – July 2009 — Conklin & de Decker and the National Air Transportation Association are pleased to announce that they will offer the Commercial Operators Tax Seminar in San Antonio, Texas on September 23 – 24, 2009.  

Unique from other tax seminars and workshops, the Conklin & de Decker and NATA Tax Seminar is operator focused and addresses the current and many times confusing world of tax issues affecting aircraft charter and management.

Charter operators have to contend with a convoluted maze of Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs), as well as federal, state and local tax issues.  Adding to the confusion is the additional tax complexity of Part 135 charter flying versus Part 91 owner flying.  Who needs to pay tax on what charges and to whom are the taxes owed? How often are they paid and who collects? These are all questions for which simple answers are hard to find so Conklin & de Decker and NATA have put together this informative two-day seminar to cover it all.   

In addition to the tax concerns already mentioned, the release of amended OpSpec A008 has created a myriad of issues not only for certificate holders but also for owners. As a result, this Tax Seminar will also address this operational control regulation.  

“The Commercial Operators Tax Seminar covers the entire range of today’s tax and regulatory issues confronting business aircraft management companies and charter operators,” commented Nel Stubbs, Vice President and co-owner Conklin & de Decker.  “We provide answers to complex questions regarding Federal Excise Taxes, state taxes, international fees, FAR and IRS regulations so attendees walk away with real clarity on all these issues!  

Expert instructors will deliver the information and tools necessary to enable seminar attendees to determine where taxes and fees apply and how to best manage tax compliance and the impact on company cash flow.  

This seminar is a must-attend for all commercial aircraft operators and management companies, whether they serve as the Director of Operations, CFO or controller. In addition, this seminar will be extremely helpful to anyone that has an aircraft for on a Part 135 certificate or is considering doing so.

The seminar’s price is $995 with a ten percent discount for additional attendees from the same company, or if you are a member of NATA you can register for just $800 up to August 15, 2009. For more information about this seminar contact Christine Preston at 602-404-1854 or, or visit the Conklin & de Decker web site at or the NATA website at