Conklin & de Decker has announced LIFE CYCLE COST Release 17.1 is now available and includes five new aircraft as well as expanded engine costs which include the details of internal engine components that are cycle and time limited for fixed-wing engines. The most innovative and comprehensive aircraft budget & financial analysis tool in the industry, LIFE CYCLE COST (LCC) provides aircraft owners, operators, flight department managers, and aircraft consultants with independently researched ownership and operating cost data for more than 460 jet, turboprop, helicopter and piston aircraft.

The new aircraft in this LIFE CYCLE COST 17.1 release include the Phenom 100EV, Avanti P180 EVO, Piper M500, Bell Helicopter 505 Jet Ranger X, and the Diamond DA62. This 17.1 release also includes additional data related to replacement items for Jet and Turboprop engines.

“As an invaluable tool for today’s busy aviation professional, Life Cycle Cost 17.1 is the most powerful aircraft budgeting and financial analysis program on the market,” stated David Wyndham, President, and co-owner of Conklin & de Decker. “And most importantly, all our subscribers receive the added value of personalized support and service that is only a phone call away,” added David.

The latest version of LIFE CYCLE COST includes thousands of updated aircraft cost points that cover fuel costs, crew salaries, aircraft inspections, overhauls, and retirement items. Engine costs and acquisition costs have also been updated in this release to ensure that every financial analysis and/or budget report has the most up to date and accurate information.

The output from the LCC program assists users by providing the operations department with a 12-month budget analysis, a 5-year condensed report, or up-to a 20-year cost projection for variable and fixed costs. The program calculates the Net Present Value (NPV) and after-tax cash flow for a corporate or commercial operation. This enables the finance department to quickly compare the net present value of different acquisition or disposition methods for multiple aircraft while also learning more about the factors (betterment/detriment) that affect an aircraft’s value.

LIFE CYCLE COST subscribers receive access to AircraftPediaTM, a unique online aircraft reference tool containing interior and exterior aircraft drawings, hi-resolution aircraft color images, histories, and general cost, performance, and engine information. All this information can be accessed via any web-browser, including the iPad and other mobile devices. In addition, LCC subscribers will receive access to Conklin & de Decker’s Aviation Resource Library that provides online access to tools and information such as Fuel and Maintenance Costs, Fleet Plan Checklist, Helicopter Seating Chart, Max Range at Long Range Cruise, Aircraft Alias and Engine Installation summaries, Aircraft Variable Cost, and the Aircraft CO2 Calculator.

LIFE CYCLE COST financial planning and budgeting software is part of a family of aircraft operating & acquisition products that Conklin & de Decker has provided for more than 30 years.

This industry tool places all cost aspects of owning and operating an aircraft into one easy-to-use program. Aircraft acquisition costs, operating costs, taxes, final residual values and revenues (if the aircraft is used in commercial operations) are all pre-loaded into this business aviation budgeting tool.

Database options include Jets, Turboprops, Helicopters, Pistons and the major US-based Fractional Ownership programs. Current prices for downloading the software are $825 for the jets database, $675 for the turboprop or helicopter database and $495 for the piston database. The Fractional database is free with the purchase of any other LIFE CYCLE COST database. A single aircraft version is also available for $300 per aircraft. Users can specify from one to five aircraft and pay for only those aircraft that they need.

The Life Cycle Cost databases can be ordered online or by calling Conklin & de Decker’s Arizona office at +1-928-443-8676, or email