Hop on board the aircraft, fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! Join Red Redmond and his mischievous dog Pilot as they sneak their way into the underbelly of an airplane. Along the way, they learn plenty about the way an airport and a plane works, finding and naming all the most important parts.

Written by Earl M. Furfine, an entrepreneur with 30 years of piloting experience under his belt, Red Redmond and the Great Plane Adventure makes even the most complicated aspects of aviation fun and accessible for children of all ages (even the fully grown ones!) This book is perfect for children with an interest in airplanes and how they work.
“This is a story about a young boy taking his first plane trip,” says Furfine. “He is off to see his grandfather who was an Air Force fighter pilot ace. Red Redmond is very excited because he loves planes, like most children his age.”

The captivating, colorful illustrations by award-winning artist Marija Militec Dail, bring this book to life. The curly redheaded Red Redmond and his goofy dog and best pal, Pilot pop off the pages and guide the reader through the airplane like the most loyal friends.
Along with fantastic illustrations, Red Redmond and the Great Plane Adventure offers:
A fun, educational introductory guide to aviation
Opportunities for young readers to spell out words
Memory based interactive elements
A look at the inner-workings of an airplane and airport
Characters that are relatable to children
By demystifying the airplane, Furfine makes flying into a fun, not fearful, experience and gives children who might be nervous about their first flight a book that will help ease their worries. For children who can’t seem to get enough of aviation, this will take their knowledge to a whole new level. “It will appeal to any parent wanting to teach their kids rudimentary airport operations and airplane flight,” adds Furfine. Children will learn more about aviation without even knowing it!