Belfort Instrument and GCR & Associates, Inc. Team to Provide Real-time DigiWX II Awos Data on Airport IQ™ 5010 Listing

BALTIMORE, MD. – Belfort Instrument Company, a manufacturer of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS AV) and GCR & Associates, a provider of aviation , professional, and technical services, have teamed together to post an airport’s real-time weather data on GCR’s FAA 5010 page.

GCR & Associates provides the FAA with a secured internet web site to collect airport inspection data electronically and implemented a central database to store the data.  The 5010 Airport Master Record is a listing of the airport’s facilities including runway(s), obstructions, navigation equipment, services, number of based aircraft, etc.   GCR’s Airport IQ 5010™ site is:      

Belfort is one of the leading providers of FAA certified AWOS equipment installed at many airports throughout the United States.  One of the options of the Belfort AWOS AV called DigiWx II is to have the real-time weather data hosted on the Belfort web site, .  With the collaboration between Belfort and GCR the real-time weather data from our DigiWx II installations is displayed on the airport’s or heliport’s GCR 5010 web page.

“The collaboration is a win-win situation for not only both companies but more importantly the flying public, this according to Ralph Petragnani, Vice President Sales & Marketing for Belfort. He continues, up-to-date airport information combined with up-to-the –minute airport weather all found at a single location”

Belfort Instrument Company has been a leading provider of weather instruments to government, professional meteorology and aviation markets for over 130 years. Detailed information can be found at  and  For information on the many aviation services GCR provides, please visit