The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Air Safety Institute (ASI) has released a new course designed to provide pilots with tested and proven techniques for flying more safely under instrument flight rules (IFR). The procedures discussed are used by seasoned pilots, instructors, and air traffic controllers in the real world. ASI recommends all instrument-rated pilots take this course so they can benefit from this collective wisdom.

“IFR Insights: A Practical Approach” is available today to all pilots free of charge.

“IFR training teaches pilots to focus on flying the airplane within very precise parameters, but it often overlooks practical tips that help reduce pilot workload,” said George Perry, senior vice president of the Air Safety Institute. “In this course, we’ll go beyond the textbooks and offer useful insights to put into practice on your next IFR flight.”
“IFR Insights: A Practical Approach” is the fourth course in the IFR Insights series. Previously released courses cover cockpit weather, regulations, and charts.

The course was made possible with generous support of the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Inc., and the Tom Davis Fund.

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