New Aircraft Added to K-State Salina Fleet

 The aviation program at Kansas State University’s Salina campus has added five new Cessna Skyhawk 172 G100s to the university’s fleet of learning aircraft.

Kurt Barnhart, aviation department head said that in addition to having the G1000 avionics system, these new planes have autopilot. This means that students will get a well-rounded experience in K-State’s Cessna 172 aircraft. "They start learning in a gas gauge environment and, as they build flight time, move into more technologically advanced aircraft," said Barnhart.
Dennis Kuhlman, CEO and dean of K-State Salina said that adding to their learning fleet was important to the program. "As we gain students, it’s important to gain aircraft to maintain our low student-to-aircraft ratio," said Kuhlman.
The university took delivery of the aircraft in late November and students were able to use the aircraft for their last two weeks of classes.