Legislative Day Held at Michigan State Capitol

The Michigan Business Aviation Association (MBAA) held its annual membership meeting and legislative day on Tuesday, March 17 at the Michigan State Capitol Building. The three main areas of focus were legislation, education and membership. The MBAA membership were urged to engaged state legislators to secure adequate funding for the State’s aviation infrastructure and reminded those in attendance that contact with federal legislators would also be a priority in this federal reauthorization year.

Christa Fornarotto, Vice President of Governmental Affairs for NBAA was on hand to stress the importance of pressing for adequate funding of aviation in the upcoming federal reauthorization. Fornarotto shared NBAA’s focus that there be adequate access to airspace and airports and to help ensure the development of NEXTGEN to address the needs and concerns of the business aviation community.

Michigan State Aeronautics Director Mike Trout teamed with MDOT Chief Administrative Officer Laura Mester to stress the dire financial outlook for the State aeronautics program. Mester pointed out the declining revenues coupled with increasing costs and debt service will leave the State Aeronautics Fund balance at $0 by fiscal year 2016.

After the presentations the membership took to the hallway of the Capitol Building to share in a traditional St. Patrick’s Day dinner of corned beef and cabbage with state legislators and discuss not only the concerns of aviation funding but the importance of business aviation and general aviation airports to the State’s economy.