Kansas Task Force to Examine Use of Drones in Public, Private Sectors

A task force has been named to identify ways state agencies can incorporate drones into their operations.

The Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Joint Task Force will also examine what state government needs to do to make the use of drones conducive to private sector needs.

“We want to explore the sharing of ideas utilizing commercial applications of drones to improve efficiencies of state operations, such as using drones for bridge inspections, and also private sector applications,” said Interim Kansas Transportation Secretary Richard Carlson.

Named to the task force are Josh Row, Assistant Secretary of Agriculture; Billy Brown, Agribusiness Development Coordinator for the Department of Agriculture; Matt Keith, Director of Research for the Department of Commerce; Chris Tymeson, Chief Counsel for the Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism; Frank Papish, Assistant Director of the KBI; and Ron Seitz, Chief of KDOT’s Division of Engineering and Design.

The task force will meet quarterly.