Iowa Airport seeking proposals for airport manager/FBO

The Independence Municipal Airport is seeking proposals for an independent contractor to serve as airport manager and fixed-based operator (FBO). See below for details.

The city of Independence is seeking qualifications for those interested in providing on-site services to the city of Independence Municipal Airport as a the  FBO and airport manager (one position) for the city of Independence.
The Independence Municipal Airport is a full-service airport that provides services 24/7 and is designated as an “enhanced service airport." Services provided must be in compliance with the rules and regulations as outlined by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Office of Aviation. The FBO/manager must provide services that keep the airport compliant with the criteria needed to be designated as an “enhanced service airport” as designated by the State of Iowa. “Enhanced service airports” must be capable of serving general aviation aircraft, including most business jets and generally serve as transportation centers for the state, region and city.
The FBO/manager is a contracted position with the city of Independence and is not an employee of the city of Independence. Applicants must possess, or have within their staff, the necessary licenses and permits needed to offer basic FBO services. Those services provided should include, but not be limited to, the following.

Fixed base operator
Offer mechanical services to general aviation aircraft, including most business jets, keep staff appropriate to meet these needs
Offer weather reporting capabilities, monitor Unicom to assist incoming flights
Offer aircraft rental and sale
Flight instruction
Charter availability
Aerial photography
Sale of aircraft parts, fuel and lubricants purchased from a FAA approved supplier and contain FAA 8130-1 approval form
Fuel pumped by certified personnel
Transit aircraft storage if city space is available or tie down
Airport management
Oversee general upkeep and maintenance of the airport
Promote advancement in safety of aviation
Maintenance to airport grounds – grass mowing and snow removal, CDL required (equipment provided by city)
Minor maintenance of city airport vehicles and equipment
Maintain any and all records as required by the city, state and federal government or their agencies
Enforce any and all rules, safety policies or ordinances of the city, state and federal government or their agencies
Hangar rental management, respond to needs and concerns of tenants
Attend state and regional conferences, meetings or workshops as recommended by city
Assist city and city engineers with general maintenance and airport improvement projects
Provide monthly report to city council regarding airport activity; attend airport committee meetings
Assist city with development, review and implementation of annual operating budget
Interested candidates should submit a statement of qualifications and experience and/or resume along with references to the following address by 4 p.m., May 4, 2012. If you have any questions please contact City Manager Steven Diers at City Hall, 319-334-2780 or by email:
Attn: Steven Diers, city manager
City of Independence
331 First St. E.
Independence, IA 50644