International Aviation Snow Symposium

This spring, the International Aviation Snow Symposium hosted in Buffalo, New York April 23rd-27th, 2016, will focus exclusively on airfield snow removal and winter operations. Celebrating the incredible milestone of the 50th Anniversary, of the International Aviation Snow Symposium will take place at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center. This year the Convention Center will not only be filled with executives, decision makes, power brokers, and potential partners; it will also be filled with gigantic, state-of-the-art snow machines, plus a variety of other snow removal equipment.

Flex-O-Lite® is the first Gold Sponsor of the event. Flex-O-Lite, the aviation arm of Potters Industries, has a rich history of developing products and systems that put aviation safety first. They are the largest provider of Type III airfield glass beads and serve hundreds of airports around the world. Due to their superior retroreflectivity, Type III glass beads provide the highest level of pilot situational awareness. ICAO recommends Type III (1.9 index) glass beads for airports with night operations and the FAA recommends the inclusion of Type III glass beads in critical markings.

Flex-O-Lite’s Type III glass beads enhances the visibility of markings more than three (3) times over Type I beads which improves pilot reaction time and improves situational awareness.

Flex-O-Lite manufactures the brightest, safest, most visible airfield and roadway marking systems in the world. We make systems that save lives, ” says Mike Boeger, Vice President of Flex-O-Lite. “Partnering with the international Aviation Snow Symposium allows us to educate airfield and winter operations personnel on the benefits of our products as well as best practices for airfield safety”.

For more information on the 50th International Aviation Snow Symposium or if you’re interested in sponsoring the event, contact Jamie Mayer President of Perfect Landing Media at 315-401-0676 or, or visit