Former State Aviation Official Named Southern Region Administrator

DER_ahb_psedit.jpg Dennis Roberts, former Colorado Aeronautics Division Director and most recently Director of ATO’s Airspace Services for the FAA in Washington, DC, has been selected as the next Regional Administrator for FAA’s Southern Region in Atlanta, Georgia.

Since 2010, Roberts has served in the Air Traffic Organization as the Director of Airspace Services in Mission Support. Prior to that, he gained strong leadership experience in several different organizations both inside and outside of the FAA, including executive positions in Airports and Regions and Center Operations.

“During the past four years, I cannot begin to tell you how much I have appreciated all the support everyone has provided me and my entire Airspace Services’ team,” said Roberts in a memo to friends and colleagues. “Together with you as our partner, we have accomplished much in the areas of Metroplex, Performance-Based Navigation (PBN), integration of UAS into the NAS, Obstruction Evaluations/Determinations, ATC rulemaking, air traffic environmental policy, and much more.”

Despite leaving Airspace Service, Roberts said that he is looking forward to continued engagement on many of same issues he’s tackled over the years. “As the Southern Region Administrator, I remain committed to providing service integration across all FAA organizations,” said Roberts. “It takes the work of many to achieve the success we’re all striving for. I vow to continue being a part of that equation.”

Roberts will be leaving his current position at the end of January and reporting in to Atlanta in mid-February.