“Flight of a Lifetime,” a Worthwhile Read

"Flight of a Lifetime" documents an around the world flight piloted by William Randolph in his homebuilt RV-8 in 2005. Williams, who at seventy-six years old, set off from Watsonville, California on his 27,000 nautical-mile-trip that took him to thirty countries on six continents – places like Belem, Brazil; Dakar Senegal; Paphos, Cyprus; Dubai, UAE; Phuket, Thailand and Cairns, Australia.

Whether you are a pilot or not, you will find this book interesting, educational and a worthwhile read, as the author is arrested, detained, locked-up and intercepted by jet fighters. The flying, however, in the author’s words, "was a barrel of fun and had lots of color." The hard part was clearing the bureaucracy in each country. 
Williams wrote, "as I look back on the flight, I realize that something unusual, dramatic and / or threatening happened on virtually every leg of the trip.
I encourage you to pick up a copy. KS