Eclipse Jet to Make Western U.S. Tour

Eclipse is heading west the 17th through the 29th of February and will have the Eclipse twin-engine jet on display. This will be a great opportunity to see and fly the most technologically advanced light jet aircraft in general aviation. The tour will stop in Reno, Salt Lake City, Scottsdale, Las Vegas and Long Beach.

Eclipse representatives will be available to demonstrate the advanced features of the Eclipse jet and answer questions. Additionally, a certified Eclipse pilot will be providing demonstration flights. Each Eclipse Jet Experience consists of a two-hour block, with the first hour dedicated to an overview of the Eclipse Jet systems and avionics on the ground. Participants will learn how to operate the Avio IFMS, the fully integrated flight management system that comes standard on every Eclipse Jet. Before engine start participants will recognize the level of integration Avio IFMS provides, how it reduces pilot workload, and increases the overall safety of flight.

The second hour will put participants in the pilot’s seat, giving them an opportunity to observe the performance and handling of the Eclipse Jet. While flying the Eclipse, a qualified Eclipse instructor pilot will be with you to show you all of the incredible features of the most technologically advanced aircraft in general aviation.
The Eclipse Jet Experience is $750 per flight. This cost is deducted from the aircraft purchase price. For additional information visit: