Daher Delivers TBM 930 to Andrew McKenna

Andrew McKenna

Daher today announced the delivery of a new TBM 930 very fast turboprop aircraft to McKenna & Associates, LLC, whose founder, President and CEO, Andrew McKenna, is an aviator and eminent warbird pilot that frequently participates in memorial flight presentations, airshows and ceremonial events.

McKenna was aboard the TBM 930 on its ferry flight from Daher’s final assembly facility in southwest France at Tarbes to the United States.

The TBM 930 acquired by McKenna was sold through Columbia Aircraft Sales, one of the leading Daher Authorized TBM Distributors. In addition to offering sales and services for aircraft and avionics, Columbia Aircraft Sales also provides its expertise in insurance and financing, market research and analysis, and lifetime product support for the northeastern American region – covering an area from Virginia to eastern Canada.

McKenna will use the aircraft during business travels for McKenna & Associates – a strategic consulting firm that provides management services and fundraising for Fortune 500 companies, banking interests, national nonprofits and high-net-worth individuals. Before starting his company, McKenna served at the U.S. Department of Agriculture and in the White House Liaison’s Office.

“We are pleased to welcome such a passionate aviator as Andrew McKenna into the Daher TBM family,” stated Nicolas Chabbert, Senior Vice President of the Daher Airplane Business Unit. “His enthusiasm about our very fast aircraft is a fantastic endorsement for the TBM program, and he certainly will be an inspiration for many pilots.”

Daher TBM 930 delivery to Andrew McKenna – 2016 McKenna said the TBM 930 will give him new flexibility and mobility while traveling to visit customers and business partners. “I was convinced about this aircraft after taking a trip with a TBM 900 owner, who showed me I could fly at jet-like speeds over long distances, while retaining excellent handling qualities right down to the airport traffic pattern – especially with the aircraft’s great deceleration characteristics,” McKenna explained. “For me, the TBM 930 is more than a business tool; I call it my ‘business weapon.’”
McKenna specified a custom paint scheme that reflects his passion for vintage military aircraft. Included on both of the TBM 930’s winglets are silhouettes of the World War II-era P-51 Mustang fighter and T-6 Texan trainer that he also owns.

He described the TBM 930 as the best all-around aircraft value, with beautiful, clean lines. “The TBM is unique and special, as it has the look and pilot’s feel of a P-51, but is highly efficient and very economical,” McKenna added.

“Airlines continue to lack the timing and routing required to run our business effectively, and we simply cannot spend days of wasted travel and lost time to see partners and clients,” he concluded. “The TBM 930 is an economical ‘game changer.’ It allows us to go directly to the destination and back, being as productive as possible.”