AOPA President – Issues Prior to Election Still Remain

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) issued a release the day after the election with a statement by President and CEO Craig Fuller (Shown at right) that said the election process available to millions of Americans is important and deeply respected by the association. “Every four years our nation focuses on the issues that confront us and the opportunities available to us as millions of Americans cast votes for individuals who seek elected office."  

“Today, we want to thank all who participated in this process andwe congratulate all successful candidates on their election victories," said Fuller. To those who will serve in public office, Fuller said they should know that AOPA’s deep commitment to protecting our freedom to fly has never been stronger.  "We look forward, at the earliest opportunity, to working with you to build and strengthen the general aviation community at the state and federal level.  Your constituents and our members should expect nothing less." (Photo by Kim Stevens)
Fuller said that the same issues affecting us the day before the election are still with us the day after.  "The members of AOPA, my association colleagues and I, remain dedicated to working in a forthright and constructive way to defend our interests while making every effort to move the country and our economy forward.”