Officials Celebrate 12 New Hangars at Hickory Regional Airport

Leaders from the City of Hickory and Burke County were joined by state legislative officials at Hickory Regional Airport on Friday, May 10, to celebrate the grand opening of 12 new T-hangars on the north ramp.

Hickory Mayor Hank Guess, Burke County Commissioner Randy Burns, and Burke County Commissioner Johnnie Carswell delivered comments on the importance of the project for the airport and the region.

“The Hickory Regional Airport is a vital asset for Hickory and Burke County, and a key driver in the economic vitality of our entire region. Our partnership with Burke County further enhances the airport’s ability to attract tax base and generate revenue,” stated Mayor Guess.

The City of Hickory and Burke County constructed the new hangars to create additional leased hangar space to better meet growing demand at the airport.

Named for their T-shaped structure, these individual hangars are designed to accommodate small to midsize aircraft that are currently leasing space in the larger group hangars. Once these planes move from the group hangars to individual T-hangars, additional aircraft can move to the Hickory airport off the waiting list.

This new hangar development aligns with the recommendations of the Hickory Regional Airport Task Force Report to promote and expand the assets at the airport to increase revenues through expansion of the number of base aircraft.

Plans are already in the works to build another set of T-hangars to further this goal.

“We recognize the significant economic development opportunities that exist both within and around the airport property. We’re looking forward to leveraging these opportunities, our momentum from recent projects, and our strong partnerships to better our communities,” added Guess. “As we work together with our local partners and make investments to further solidify Hickory Regional Airport as the aviation leader in Western North Carolina and a destination for aviation enthusiasts, there are no limits to the new heights we can reach.”

Commissioner Burns echoed those sentiments, saying, “This project, a testament to the collaborative spirit between Burke County and the City of Hickory, is not just about infrastructure. It’s about the economic prosperity and growth that will ripple through our region for years to come. In 2021, there were 55 aircraft at the Hickory Regional Airport. Today, that number has grown to 76 high-value planes. This exponential increase is not just a statistic; it’s a reflection of the confidence that businesses and individuals have in our community.”

During his remarks, Commissioner Carswell noted, “This momentous occasion is not just about bricks and mortar, but it symbolizes the strength of our collaboration, the unity of our communities, and the unwavering commitment to progress and growth. These hangars stand as a beacon of opportunity, welcoming aviators and enthusiasts alike to our region, fostering economic vitality, and opening doors to new horizons. The journey to this day has been marked by dedication, perseverance, and a shared vision for a brighter future.”

Hickory Regional Airport is situated primarily in Burke County at 3101 Ninth Ave. Dr. NW in Hickory. For more information about Hickory Regional Airport, visit