ADB SAFEGATE Focuses on Airport Performance with New Brand Identity

ADB SAFEGATE has launched a brand identity that captures the company’s focus on delivering Airport Performance from approach to departure. Airport Performance solutions encompass every aspect of air traffic control and guidance, from approach, runway and taxiway lighting, to tower-based traffic control systems, to intelligent gate and docking automation. The aim is to enhance an airport’s existing infrastructure to achieve substantial gains in aircraft handling capacity, improve the safety of operations and support airlines through faster aircraft turnarounds.

ADB SAFEGATE was created in early 2016 by a merger of ADB Airfield Solutions and Safegate Group, including various other previously acquired companies, including Liberty, Lucebit, ERNI and AviBit. All companies will now operate under the ADB SAFEGATE umbrella. The combination of these highly respected companies creates one of the most capable technology companies in the airport sector.

Airport traffic has doubled every 15 years since the 1970s, and is expected to double again within 15 years, creating new growth for airports. Yet this rising traffic is stretching airport capacity and operations to the limit. With its Airport Performance strategy, ADB SAFEGATE will create a new era for airport operations with intelligent, highly integrated solutions built on four key areas:

Tower: ADB SAFEGATE solutions will support air traffic controllers by integrating multiple traffic management systems to help them increase aircraft movements and safety.

Airfield: Across the airfield, ADB SAFEGATE will integrate airfield lighting as part of its smart guidance solutions to improve airfield availability, safety and efficiency.

Gate: Extensive automation will manage the complexity of ground traffic, both aircraft and support vehicles, to achieve substantially faster aircraft turnarounds and safer, seamless gate operations.

Services: The company’s technical support and training services will meet airport operational needs from concept to design and from audit to maintenance and training.

“While infrastructure or runway expansion may seem like the way to resolve bottlenecks, at ADB SAFEGATE we believe the answer lies elsewhere. Airports can do a lot more with what they already have and we can help unlock the hidden potential for airport traffic expansion. There are highly effective ways to expand efficiency instead of infrastructure,” says Christian Onselaere, CEO of ADB SAFEGATE.

The Airport Performance approach has recently been implemented at several airports around the world, including Toronto Pearson Airport in Canada, which is benefiting from ADB SAFEGATE’s design and installation of a PLC-based Airfield Lighting Control and Monitoring System (ALCMS) for the airport’s five runways to enable more efficient airside operations and support future growth. In the UK, Birmingham Airport has chosen ADB SAFEGATE’s Integrated Tower Solution to improve real-time information sharing between the airport, airlines, ground handlers and air traffic control. Meanwhile, in France, Charles de Gaulle and ORLY airports are introducing ADB SAFEGATE apron management systems and docking systems to enhance throughput, tackle congestion and optimize airport transit process efficiency.

“ADB SAFEGATE unifies all personnel, customers and businesses under a common banner to create a highly customer-focused organization based on the best of all the companies,” says Onselaere. “Our new brand signals an important milestone for ADB SAFEGATE. It gives us a fresh image that shows how we have transformed since our merger six months ago. It lets us stand out as a company that can deliver solutions tailored to the needs of airports as they face the difficult challenges posed by rapidly growing demand and increasing competitive and regulatory pressures.”

The brand identity is spearheaded by a logo featuring four interlocking wing shapes that mirror a typical airport hub layout and symbolize ADB SAFEGATE’s four areas of expertise – airfield, gate and tower, supported by professional services. The logo’s colors are carefully chosen, with petrol blue representing safety, efficiency and trust, complemented by shades of orange to indicate an innovative approach and focus on Airport Performance.