Veracity Engineering Announced as Newest NASAO Business Partner

Michael Hawthorne
Michael Hawthorne

The National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO) has announced that Veracity Engineering has joined NASAO as its newest business partner.

“We’re very pleased to welcome Veracity Engineering as a business partner,” said NASAO President and CEO Mark Kimberling. “They are a natural fit with our organization with their long history of working with the FAA, and industry stakeholders across the spectrum. We truly look forward to working with them in the year ahead and beyond.”

Veracity is an industry leader in aviation engineering and management consulting. “We are very proud of our new partnership with NASAO,” said Michael Hawthorne, Vice President, Strategy and Development. “We feel this will open new doors and opportunities to further our mission to make aviation safer, more efficient, and more accessible. Hawthorne said they appreciate NASAO’s hard work to help government and industry organizations collaborate to advance aviation at all levels.

For over 16 years, Veracity’s staff of experienced, passionate, and creative professionals has provided their government and commercial clients with innovative solutions to modernize air traffic systems and advance global initiatives in safety, efficiency, and capacity.

Veracity is based in Washington D.C.