US Department of Transportation’s Safety Institute (TSI) and NATA Collaborate to Advance Aviation Safety with New NATA Air Transport Safety Manager Certification™

The National Air Transportation Association, (NATA) in conjunction with the US Department of Transportation’s Safety Institute (TSI), announced the creation of a new Air Transport Safety Manager Program. The course brings together TSI, NATA, and other industry aviation safety experts with the shared mission of developing skilled, qualified, and certified Air Transport Safety Managers.

“The future of aviation safety hinges on collaboration and the exchange of best practices and data,” stated NATA SVP Ryan Waguespack. “This brand-new immersive training is crafted by the experts to cultivate superior Safety Managers who will be able to showcase their achievement with a certificate from a respected organization focused on safety. This collaboration with TSI allows us to take our mission of empowering aviation business safety to a new level. We are grateful for our relationship with the US DOT to be able to offer this first of its kind course.”

“Our goal is to provide quality, cutting edge training required to enhance safety for aviation operators and the traveling public. Our alliance with NATA provides an extraordinary opportunity to do just that,” said Mr. D Smith, TSI Aviation Safety Division Manager.

Upon successful completion, candidates will receive the SMS and Aviation Safety Program Manager certificate. In addition, NATA Members will earn a NATA Air Transport Safety Manager Certification.

This course is a “How To” design, develop, implement and sustain an effective and verifiable aviation safety management system (SMS). Developed to meet an organization’s immediate and future aviation safety needs, course topics include: Fundamentals of Safety Program Management, State of the Art Safety Risk Management for flight and ground operations – using the Bow-Tie model, understanding and conducting Internal and external evaluations and audits for Safety Assurance, communicating and Promoting Safety throughout the organization, fostering and measuring a positive Safety Culture, Safety Policy requirements, understanding and controlling human error – using the HFACS model, measuring safety using Quantum Safety Metrics, and use of current Federal Aviation Administration System Tools.

All Aviation Service Providers including; Air Transport Charter Operators, Aviation Maintenance or MRO’s, Ground Service (including Refueling) Providers, Corporate Flight Departments, FAA 135, 121, 145, 141 125, Operators, Fixed Base Operators, US and International Governmental Agencies with Aviation Operations or that oversee Aviation Operations are encouraged to register.